Exercising is now all fun and games!
Tykkimäki Amusement Park’s new indoor activity park, Actionpark, offers joy of physical activity all year round. The 2 000 m2 park is located at “Kouvola Prismakeskus” shopping center. The 25 different activities at Actionpark guarantee sporty and enjoyable time together for the whole family. Having fun together is the best!

Tykkimäki Amusement Park
Address: Kanuunakuja 2, 45200 Kouvola.

Tykkimäki Aquapark
Address: Käyrälammentie 20, 45200 Kouvola.

Tykkimäki Actionpark
Address: Kouvolan Prismakeskus, Tommolankatu 9, 45130 Kouvola.

Tykkimäki Camping
Address: Käyrälammentie 22, 45200 Kouvola